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1. Interview

Free Options Interview:

  • No obligation
  • Free, Quick and Easy
  • Q & A Session
  • Comps and values in your neighborhood
  • Determine our Scope of Work

2. Set Goals

Establish Your House-Selling Goals:

  • Define Point A and Point B
  • Define Your Real Estate Life Plan
  • Define Your Moving Motives
  • Define Value Range Within 1 Mile
  • Define Your Financial Plan

3. Offer

Choosing to Receive a Cash Offer From Us:

  • Competitive Offers
  • Cash Offers That CAN Close Within 7 days
  • Experience, Integrity, Skill, Care, Disclosure, Confidentiality

4. Closing

  • Review our Cash Offer
  • Negotiate Offer Price
  • Negotiate Performance Deadlines
  • Inspections
  • Schedule and Execute Closing

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